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Following an investigation into allegations of abuse, Wichita State University's Board of Trustees and the university's Police Department have announced the resignation of Vice President for Student Life and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. David H. Brown.

The victory moved Houston into second place in the American Athletics Conference with a team share of 889. Wichita State shocked the Ole Miss Rebels to secure an 83-79 victory Saturday night and distributed 14 assists for the triumph. The win boosts Houston to 9-1 in the conference play, while USF gets a big boost from its bench in its first win of the season against the Sun Belt Conference's top team, Texas A & M-Houston. Wichita State dominated the board against OleMiss (35-33) and finished the half with an 18-6 lead, with USC getting a bigger lift from its benches.

Wichita State increased its 31-25 halftime lead to 35-25 in the second half and tied the score when Grimes sank a pull-up jumper with 4: 31 left. Wichita State, which hadn't played in 20 days, tried to extend the Cougars' lead with free throws, but second guard Britney Onyeje answered with a three-point play of her own to extend the lead to nine. Houston responded by building a seven-point lead around the 13: 37 mark, with a 2-point shot by junior guard Katelyn Gorham and a 4-foot jump by senior guard Megan O'Brien giving the lead, while Wichita State started the game with an 8-0 run over the next three minutes to take a 5-0 lead.

Wichita State University has not fielded a football team in more than a decade because it has been barred from NCAA recruiting. Wichita State had been a team for 90 years, but has since abandoned the program due to financial problems and lack of NCAA funding. The cancellation of Wichita State football follows a series of programs that have suspended their football programs and are facing unfortunate realities. But the price has just got so much higher, and that is not just because of the financial problems.

Oklahoma State will make the 125-mile trip to Wichita, Kansas, to face the Shockers in an exciting regional rivalry. Wichita State bullied OSU in a physical match in Stillwater last season, and the Cowboys will try to do themselves a favor in Wichita, where they have won the last two meetings. The Utes have won each of their last two trips, including a 93-76 victory in 2016 that gave the Shockers their first win over Oklahoma State since the 2014-15 season.

OSU leads the series against WSU, including a 15-5 lead in Wichita, but the Shockers have won 3-1 in their last three meetings in Stillwater. The only losses have come at home to Mizzou (10) and Oklahoma State (35), and both teams have either been ranked or received votes against Oklahoma State. While neither team was rated or ranked, W SU lost to only one of the two teams that voted against it, Mizou.

The Cougars have won five of six matchups in the AAC era, including a 2-1 win in Wichita last season and a 1-0 win at home last year. Wichita State is the only team in school history to win against the Cougar men's basketball team.

As of Monday, WSU is the only member of the American Athletics Conference (AAC) to have the chance to join the Big East Conference, the nation's premier college football conference. Whenever UConn leaves the conference and goes to the Big East to pursue another sport on its resume, American Athletics Football has an odd number of members.

Wichita State will boast a second freshman - dominated by four starters from last year's team in the post-season. The Shockers open the season with a home-and-home series against the University of North Carolina on Saturday, September 3, in Chapel Hill. Senior Alterique Gilbert has moved to UConn, and Cross has two years of experience as a member of the team's offensive line under his belt. In addition to Gilbert, the Shockers' return to the lineup is being led by junior guard / wide receiver / tight end Chris Jones, who is in his final year as a senior.

Wichita State went to New England to find its future backcourt, and Boy delivered for Gregg Marshall. At one point, the backfield shared a hidden gem recruiting Wichita State from Florida State's backyard in Tallahassee. Smith first played varsity football in high school when he noticed Wichita State staff were playing flag football instead.

Two years after that tweet, an important development has now occurred: Wichita State has moved into the American Athletics Conference. The good thing for the university is that it now shares a basketball court with cities like Connecticut, Cincinnati, Memphis and Temple, and that is spreading to the rest of the conference.

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