Report: Adequate soil moisture levels for Kansas farm crops

Published 11-26-2018

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - A new government snapshot show mostly adequate topsoil and subsoil moisture supplies for Kansas crops.

The National Agricultural Statistics Service reported Monday that about 87 percent of the winter wheat planted in the state this fall has now emerged.

The agency rated winter wheat condition as 9 percent excellent, 37 percent good and 38 percent fair. Just 16 percent was rated as poor or very poor.

Meanwhile, the harvest for other Kansas farm crops is rapidly drawing to a close.

About 94 percent of the corn has been harvested in the state, along with 92 percent of the soybeans and 83 percent of the sorghum. Sunflower harvest is 82 percent finished.

Topsoil moisture supplies are 98 percent adequate to surplus, while subsoil moisture levels are 95 percent adequate to surplus.

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