Former Kansas trooper sentenced in Wichita gambling probe

Published 01-28-2019

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - A retired 53-year-old highway patrol trooper was sentenced to a year of probation for lying to the FBI during an investigation into illegal gambling in Wichita.

Michael Frederiksen, of Derby, was convicted in May of making false statements to FBI investigators. Testing during the trial indicated that in 2014 Frederiksen was filmed participating in an illegal cash poker game while he was still a trooper.

Prosecutors say during an interview by FBI agents investigating illegal gambling in Wichita, Frederiksen made false statements and downplayed his involvement in illegal poker and his relationship with the poker game's operator.

An FBI affidavit in the case says investigators began looking into an illegal gambling business with ties to public corruption in Wichita in November 2011.

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