Man with airsoft gun shot, killed by Kansas sheriff's deputy

Published 01-29-2019

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Authorities say a man who was fatally shot by a Kansas sheriff's deputy had brandished an airsoft gun that resembles an actual firearm but shoots only nonlethal plastic pellets.

Sedgwick County sheriff's Capt. Greg Pollock says the shooting happened Monday after deputies received a tip that a man with a felony drug warrant was going to be at a storage unit south of Wichita.

The man was identified Tuesday as 55-year-old David Michael Bosiljevac, of Wichita.

Pollock says Bosiljevac ignored commands to stop and pointed what appeared to be a pistol at a deputy. Pollock says the deputy fired several rounds because he feared for his life and the life of the other deputy.

Bosiljevac died at the scene. An airsoft gun was recovered next to the suspect.

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