Partisan sniping follows passage of Kansas pensions measure

Published 02-22-2019

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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - A public pensions funding bill has passed the Kansas Legislature unanimously but touched off partisan sniping.

The measure sent Friday to Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly requires the state to make an immediate $115 million payment to its pension system for teachers and government workers. It represents a payment the state shorted the system in 2016, with interest.

The vote Friday in the Republican-controlled House was 117-0. The GOP-dominated Senate approved it earlier this month, 40-0.

Kelly said it's encouraging that lawmakers are fixing "past mistakes" but called on GOP leaders to "offer reasonable ideas" to avoid future problems.

Senate President Susan Wagle and House Majority Leader Dan Hawkins, both Wichita Republicans, fired back by criticizing Kelly's budget proposals.

Wagle said Kelly "continues to point the finger" instead of leading.

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